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Tamashī' (魂, Jap. soul, being) is an album created for a dance theatre spectacle « Au fil du Nô et du Butô ». The album is inspired by a traditional Japanese ‘Noh’ recitation - the story of 'Tamashi' is that of a soul revisiting her mortal past.
'Kolobok' is a Ukrainian cautionary tale for children which inspired Olena Fedorova to create a puppetry show at the La Mama Theatre in Melbourne. This soundtrack introduces obscure rhythms and unique instruments and blends them with influences from around the world including...kitchen appliances.
Original soundtrack from an experimental movie by Marco Gabriel. The film was premiered in 2013 on Cannes Film Festival / Short film corner. The album has been nominated to the 'Best Soundtrack Album 2013' by APRA/AMCOS.
Theatrical soundtrack for a multi-disciplinary performance "Gan Eden" by Pleroma Theater Productions (Hong Kong). Among multi-instrumental tracks featuring songs with Coptic lyrics performed by Shakira Searle.
This haunting soundtrack has been creating for a theatrical installation addressing the notion of homelessness  and home lost due to the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.
A 'melting pot' of inspirations and experiences accumulated throughout 2000-2010. A thoughtful journey not only through places but also through times - influenced by mythology, history and encapsulating archetypical tropes of the past. 


The song is based on a traditional tune from Värmland in Sweden, and features a wide range of instruments - from quirky ones, such as stylophone, to unique and endemic, such as Säckpipa (Swedish bagpipe), hurdy-gurdy, Chinese bawu and more
Second single with Violina Juliusdotter - based on a tradiitonal Gotlandish tune. Feturing worldwide inspirations from Northern Europe up to Japan.
First single recorded with Violina Juliusdotter from the Swedish city of Visby in 2018. A truly international collaborative effort created between Baltic Sea and Melbourne, Australia.

Based on a traditional Swedish dance tune, this song tells a story of a weaver girl (väverskan). Musically, this single is an experimental mixture of sounds originating from different cultures, times, and places. Denoting these unique qualities, two overseas musicians joined the production: Ágatha Pradnik - a Brazilian accordionist, and Bart Pałyga - a Polish sarangi player.

An experimental fusion of shamanistic traditions of Far North, Slavic mythology and contemporary World Music Electronica. 

Appears on

Rachel Tolmie &John Martin, "Summer Madrigal" (2020)

composer [track 2]

Steczkowscy, "Królu Anielski" (2019)

bass duduk, whistle, bawu, lyre, keyboards

Polskie Radio
MaRLo & Piotr, "Magical" (2016)

hurdy-gurdy, co-production

Armada Music
Jeff Lang, "I Live A Lot In My Head These Days" (2014)

hurdy-gurdy on Pull Of The Drift

ABC Music
Ben Salter, "The Cat" (2013)

hurdy-gurdy, svensk säckpipa, overtone flute, low whistle

Ben Salter